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yo yo this is tumblr user assquill's ace attorney artblog

that s it i literally can't think of anything else to say at the moment cheers

Anonymous asked:
Uh hello. I loved your Trucy comic (with maya and the channeling) and saw you were okay with fanfic of it, so I posted a link to the post on the PW kink meme, to see if they'd whip anything up. They did, actually, so if you want a link, I can give you one. I really hope you don't mind.

!!!!! WHOA!!!! Yes absolutely, link me to it!! Oh my gosh fanwork based off of fanwork is super great this gets my energy pumping 

and kinkmeme spawns some incredible stuff wow I’m so excited

i love your art i whisper from a distance and slowly sink my face into my boa like a turtle

"no baby come back" i whisper as i lovingly stroke your boa while trying not to be freaky


who wants to promo the coolest ass in town


that’ll be me

in case anybody been wondering ‘where the heck assquill at’, i have been trying to settle into summer session and getting crowded up on that struggle bus—leaping straight into college is kinda scary ;u; So things will be very sporadic for awhile until i settle into a schedule, please bear with me! i’ve started on all of the aus still in my inbox, the only problem is finishing them /slowly lays on the floor

jazzeele asked:
I was remembering your really depressing Trucy Maya comic and i thought, what if instead of Trucy, it was Franziska and instead of her father, Maya could be channeling Edgeworth (like he died from an accident or murder). You could say that he really did walk on ahead without her. sigh, her 'little brother' gone forever.

tumblr user hutieuful you may be the key to getting me back on the path of Angst Attorneys

give me a few days, i’ll whip something suitably soul-smashing up 

Ohh my gosh your au's are perfect and golden and where have you been my whole life :o

!!!! i ahve been right here on this tumblr dot com, waiting for cuties like you thank you for being so sweet!

doodled a narcissistic instrument

im working on something cool with the next au prompt for 400+ followers! Thanks for being interested in my blog!!




look its my band memes

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band!au thing: the boys’ first time performing together was freshman year on the street outside their highschool and it was a surreal experience

larry was doing a horribly offkey rendition of the cup song (third date rejection of the week, boy was broken) and phoenix came to make him feel better so he took over singing because shit christ larry cant sing worth a hecking damn; and miles, who was already in a weird rivalry with phoenix, jumped in and started singing louder and better because wright cannot be allowed to win

so imagine two hissing spitting gangly teenage boys furiously singing the cup song in each other’s face and the other boy wailing as he bangs a solo cup on the ground at the speed of light


since badband!au is becoming official on this here blog of assquilldoesdraw, i feel i must provide a general idea of how the character dynamics work within this sphere

and i will do so. please turn your attention right here